Loving a bunch of crazy kiddos called Super Junior & four meat lovers named CNBLUE · 규라인: Kyu & JJong · "I promise you we will come back here. I promise you! We love you. Te amo. I will remember tonight, thank you very much. Gracias!" - YH · 'It was awesome. We need to learn from Mexican fans. So much energy. They're so passionate! They were ready for it.' - JH · "It's been a lot of fun. All that screaming before the concert now I understand how passionate they are. Simply amazing. Gracias! Te amo!" -MH · 'With our music, we communicate worldwide. We can connect even though we're far apart.' - JS.
이름도 모르는 너를 보던 날 기억이나...
Honeymallow’s new index *w*

Honeymallow’s new index *w*

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